Monday, 15 March 2010

Special delivery service

Despite her latent disabilities, my mother is a real green thumb and spends much of her day pottering about her plant speckled courtyard, toiling away at her horticultural hobby. My mother is also an avid reader and, as you may have gathered from previous MTFS posts, is completely bonkers about textiles (particularly cushion covers and more-so, handbags made from cushion covers!) So, to the average punter, it would seem blindingly obvious that one must shower her with gardening utensils, autobiographies and re-worked cushion covers. I might add, however, that she currently resides 8921 nautical miles away, which does somewhat limit options.....that was until, quite by accident, I discovered the ingenious Postcarden, which has taken all the anguish out of how to say ‘Happy Birthday’ in a thoughtful, novel and not to mention carbon neutralising way!

The Postcarden is a pop up card and miniature garden all in one. All it requires is a sprinkling of seeds, a sprinkling of water and just a little sprinkling of patience before, voila! you have the sweetest little patch of green you have ever laid your eyes on. There are currently three variations to choose from – Allotment, City or Botanical – I have opted for the traditional Botanical, and the biscuit no doubt will choose City......which can only mean one thing - it's out with 'Postman Pat' and in with the watering can!

Feast your eyes on the miniature living card in motion by clicking link below!

Orders can be made through their website

Available in Australia through

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