Monday, 8 March 2010

I heart Anthropologie

What do you get when you mix eclectic design, clever tailoring, eye catching interior and eco-friendliness to boot? You get none other than the sexy new girl on an upmarket Piccadilly block!

As I made my way along London’s Regent Street, I was a little concerned that my pre-conceived expectations surrounding this offbeat, design buff’s dream store would have me yearning even more for an ‘Eden’ biome equivalent of the design world; But much to my exquisite surprise, the all alluring microsphere that is Anthropologie exceeded all expectations to the extent that I found myself smiling full-heartedly towards the security guard (that me- thinks is actually an off-duty art curator) who, in return offered a smile and nod, whilst moving aside, enabling me to capture the glorious 'living wall' lining one side of the shop’s upper levels (consisting of 14 different plant types and fed by the building’s own rooftop rainwater) would have then been a serious crime, had I not captured the three stunning Magpie chandeliers  hovering above; all of which have been assembled using reclaimed and recycled materials, ranging from bottle tops to Barbie bottoms ( I later discovered that everyone’s favourite president admired them so much that he purchased one for a near steal at $4,800, for his two daughters’ bedroom) .

With a few minutes to spare, I rushed down to the lower level of this three storey treasure – trove, and whipped around the peripheries hoping to scoop it all up in one large gulp. Feeling giddy with excitement, I lurched form corner to corner and spun my head in all directions, fearing I’d miss some tiny spec of the interiors section that curiously, (and ingeniously) displays all it’s eye candy in large crates of puy lentils.

Anthropologie is a drug that I doubt has any veritable cure.....

158 Regent St


  1. have you been to the king's road location yet? i really want to visit!

  2. I am definitely paying a visit to the new store during the Easter break!

  3. hey thanks for the link for living wall - just wanted to make sure that you know Garden Beet is not responsible for its design - Garden Beet sells Woolly Pockets - which is a different green wall system to the one used at Anthropologie

    It was designed and installed by Biotech