Thursday, 11 February 2010

I MOOF therefore I am

The biscuit has skipped out of town for a few weeks, so I have taken the opportunity to indulge in a new found passion - it does slightly tick the more unusual box, but no, it’s not vexilollogy or train is the visually and tactilely (yes, this is a word ) all consuming world of felt. Most commonly mistaken as a tool for introducing toddlers to shapes and colours, felt is so much more than this. I recently spent a whole evening mesmerised by an array of felt covered cushions on a home decorating website which culminated in my investing in one very comfy little felt covered treasure.I have even tried to sex it up by giving it a gen Y style acronym - MOOFING. To possess something that is 'MOOF' is to behold a soft, colourful and sometimes functional treasure that is Made Out Of Felt.

The half baked bunny above is my very own rudimentary interpretation of MOOFing (sans ears and belt).I do strive to improve my moofing skills and with time I hope to one day create a nifty felt 'shopper' which I might just team up with a pair of felt lined ear muffs.

Dumpling Dynasty Bunny making kits are available from deliciously eclectic on-line shop Wu & Wu

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