Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Listen Up...

MTFS loves this week’s IFB project,   which is to create a playlist of ( a few of the) tunes we’re tapping our toes to, jigging our hips to, shedding a tear to and even playing a bit of O2 Guitar to ....Enjoy!

Love and Affection ( Joan Armitrading) – Pure poetry

You are the best thing (Ray La Montagne) - We all have someone we’d like to sing this to

Fairytale lullaby (Bombay Bicycle Club) – Sweet  and soporific

That’s How You Know  ( Amy Adams) - TB’s personal fave... and yours too before long

Poker Face ( Lady Ga Ga - as if you didn't know ) - Another  of TB’s favourites

Firework ( Katy Perry) - Again, on TB’s hot list

Never Going Back Again ( Fleetwood Mac) – Love the acoustic guitar in this track

 The Blower’s Daughter   ( Damien Rice).... Heavy Sigh

Don’t go breaking My Heart (Rachel and Finn - Glee Cast) – Upbeat cheese

Running Up that Hill (Kate Bush) – A great track from a genius songster

Better together ( Jack Johnson) - Because two is better than one

Popsicle Toes ( Michael Franks) -A little bit cute and a little bit naughty

Private Universe ( Crowded House) - Simply beautiful lyrics

Baby Jesus Rap ( Flowgo Baby ) - To get us in the Christmas spirit!

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  1. Great list! Fleetwood Mac and Ray LaMontagne are up there in my iTunes favorites.

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