Friday, 7 October 2011

Toning Up with Ms Toner

No flash in the pan

Despite our evening starting off slightly on the wrong foot (no pun intended...OK maybe just a little one) in which all queries regarding the delightful  Sarah Toner were met with vague stares, we eventually found “The legs”. And what legs they were! Enveloped in a racy pair of fishnets with inevitable teetering heels dangling at the end, this woman was a serious strutter.

With introductions complete, TB and I were immediately herded to a quiet area of the SSG to begin our lesson in Deportment.
First up were a few feet warm up exercises and then a few floor stretches before being shown the art of how to be Fabulous in Heels.
Very chatty, very interesting and delightfully charming, ST could not have been more unlike her counterparts in THAT scary Ballerina movie.

                                        It all starts with the mets

TB sporting Repetto Ballet flats 

Le fabuleux Repetto

After a good hour chatting, strutting and gazing at Ms Toner's truly amazing pegs, we were each bestowed with a parting gift of  Sarah’s “Fabulous in High Heels” book ( a wonderfully illustrated takeaway masterclass) but not before having a quick peek at the divine Repetto concession ( a must for any girl, any age).
With a ballet career spanning over an impressive 25 years, Sarah has spent countless hours treading the boards on tippy toes and now uses her invaluable experience to teach others. She holds regular morning, evening and weekend classes for children and adults in her North London Studio, and hosts “Fabulous in Heels”  masterclasses upon request.

As someone who feels more like Minnie Mouse in drag when schlepping about in heels, I do now feel a little more at ease when walking with a few more inches underfoot.... So, thank you Ms Toner.

Sarah Toner
Studio 45
45 Gillespie Rd
Ph:  07968 891751

Fab in Heels

Repetto Shoes

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