Sunday, 9 May 2010

Romper Stomper

Amidst our peripatetic touring about town, the biscuit and I have spotted several of the 260 elephants forming the Elephant Family’s brightly coloured ‘Elephant Parade’

We caught sight of the first Elephant on High street Kensington, not long after its colourful coat had dried and were fortunate enough to chat to one of the Elephant Family fundraisers, who is clearly very passionate about the cause. She explained that the Asian Elephant population has shrunk by 90% in the last 100 years and could easily vanish altogether if we don’t make an effort to help.

Organisers of the parade, which runs until the 29th June, are hoping to raise up to £2million by auctioning off the colourful Elephant sculptures( painted by high profile artists and designers including  Alice Temperly, Lulu Guinness, Marc Quinn, Nicky Haslam, Sir Terence Conran, Matthew Williamson,  Patrick Hughes and John Rocha). You even have the opportunity to meet the artists behind these beautiful sculptures on the 22nd May.
 For more details and to down load the 'Elephant Parade' map, click on the link below

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