Friday, 30 April 2010

The girl with the crocheted shawl

Impressed with the vast number of knee- high style-setters scaling the streets of London each day, MTFS thought it would be a serious sartorial crime not to share some of these three foot clothes ponies in a weekly column...

Starting this week with five year old Alex, who's eclectic,whimsical style is very befitting of a West London girl about town.
Alex says her mother lets her dress herself each morning and that she even has a special draw just low enough for her to scour for her favourite pieces.

Alex, pictured above, has teamed crocheted Noa Noa shawl with vintage silk Nixie dress, High Street leggings and champagne leather Poloni sandals.

Noa- Noa
Nixie Clothing


  1. MTFS wants to know if those sandals come in bigger sizes!

  2. gorgeous outfit! i love that dress.